Tiger TV

This page has lots of great video's that you can watch and learn fun ways of practicing either on your own, with a friend or before a round of golf. Some videos will be skills from The Tiger Golf Programme and others will be of skills you haven't seen before. Why not have a go at the videos yourself and show your Tiger Professional how you get on.

1. Rapid Fire - A great way to practice your co-ordination. Start with a couple of golf balls then add more as you progress.


2. Around The Clock - This drill challenges your short putting either for practice or to warm up before your round.


3. Varying Your Practice - Try learning all different skills in your practice time to keep it fun and to improve your game.


4. Chase The Chip - An excellent way to test your chipping skills and distance control around the greens.


5. Two At A Time - Trick shot time! Place one ball in front of another, hit the ball at the back and watch it fly high.


6. Winning Etiquette - Remember that good etiquette is as important as playing good golf!  


7. Pre-Shot Routine - A routine is very important for every shot, create your own routine with ideas from the video below.

8. My Name Is ... And I'm Working on .. - It's always useful to remember what your working on, these Tiger's certainly do!